Trevalyn Lake


With Chris Burnett Associates as the Landscape Architects, Wright Landcapes set out to create this extensive scheme for the client over a 14 month period


Covering an area of 22 acres we constructed a 2 acre lake and ½ acre lake with marginal planting to both and a large reed bank for nesting birds. A more formal area near the house was created where York stone paving was laid adjacent to the house with a sand-stone sett path leading to sandstone steps dropping down to a 300m2 Iroko decking next to the small dock area where the viewing globe was placed.


The remaining areas were made up of a 5 acre mixed woodland, 2 acre hay meadow, 3 acre wildflower meadow and the remaining acres were put back to agricultural grazing ground.


We have a continuing maintenance contract on the site looking after all the areas and introducing more trees,recently we planted a 40 foot 70 cm Pin Oak as a new addition to the scheme.