Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy


The quality policy of Wright Landscapes Limited is to operate to recognised Codes of Practices such as BS.4428 and where applicable any other relevant British Standards including the international standards ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Mananagemnent System and the National Highway Agency Sector Scheme 18 (for the environmental Landscape including ecology).


We are committed to conforming and maintaining the requirements of the National Highways Agency Sector Scheme 18 (for the environment & landscape including ecology).   


We shall strive to improve the level of service, promote and develop a culture of continuous improvement in order to improve and maintain customer satisfaction levels.


To ensure the business continues to be successful we shall ensure personnel receive the appropriate training and development to carry out their job in an effective manner.


The performance of the QMS and our quality objectives will be reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and continued suitability at the annual management review meetings.  It is our policy to improve the performance of the QMS & EMS.


The contents of this quality policy shall be communicated to all personnel during induction training and its understanding verified during internal audits of the quality management system.


Environmental Policy


Wright Landscapes Limited is committed to the adoption of environmentally responsible policies and practices, together with the reviews of both its performance and areas for further improvements in reducing our impact on the environment and enhancing our environmental performance. 


Our aims, through continuous staff awareness, to create and maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility, we are committed to reducing the adverse effects that we have on the environment.


Wright Landscapes Limited maintains a fundamental belief in the importance of protecting the environment and preventing pollution. We will take all necessary steps to eliminate, or control, environmental hazards by:


Striving to adopt the highest possible environmental standards in all its operations, wherever these are located.


Aiming to use the most economical use of all materials, supplies and energy, using renewable or recycled materials wherever possible.


Minimising waste produced in all parts of the business, inclusion of recycled materials and the methods for environmentally acceptable disposal of materials as necessary.


We shall consistently comply with applicable environmental legislation, customer and other third party requirements to fulfil all our compliance obligations.


Encouraging employee involvement in positive environmental action. Regularly assessing the environmental impact of all its operations.


All Wright Landscape staff and sub-contractors has a responsibility towards the environment, in which they live and work a responsible attitude and commitment to the Company’s objectives are expected.


This policy shall be communicated to the public via the organisations web site.


Approved by

Lee Webster

Regional Director

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